Main building

Main building can house up to 20 people. There is also a big hall which can accommodate up to 50 people. On every floor there is a toilet and a bathroom. We have a large kitchen where you can prepaire your own food. In addition the first floor has TV and WIFI cover entire house.

Rent for entire main building is 650€/24h (including tax).

Main  hall - 17€/h.

Accommodation- 17€ per person.


Guesthouse can accommodate up to 17 people. There are two family rooms that can house up to five persons and four rooms that can house two persons. Guesthouse also has a bathroom on the first floor and toilets on both floors. Rooms in guesthouse: 1x 5 person room, 1x 4 person room, 4x 2 person room (one of those has double bed).

Rent for entile guesthouse is 350€/24h.

Sauna building

Sauna building has large sauna, large room that fits up to 20 people. You can arrange parties there. Second floor of the sauna building has up to 10 beds. In sauna building you van use fridge, stove, dishes, WIFI and TV. 

Rent for entire sauna building is 330€/24h (including tax).

Rent for sauna 16€/h (minimum 2h).


On our premises we have 2 small houses. Each can accommodate 3 people (one of the beds is double bed). You can use guest house bathroom for showering. 

Rent for one house is 50€/24h.